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How We Deliver


Advocacy Blueprints is an independent, non-partisan small business that provides interactive, professional trainings and consultations focused on understanding and interacting with Congress. 

  • Advocacy Blueprints consultants provide expertise based on recent congressional service - so our techniques, contacts, and information will always be current, personalized, and innovative.
  • Advocacy Blueprints consultants deliver the most modern Congressional affairs education and trainings.
  • Advocacy Blueprints partners with core trainers who are experts in congressional operations; congressional testimony, briefings, and meetings; legislative drafting; congressional communications; and congressional document writing, editing, and research.
  • Advocacy Blueprints consultants have recent and senior experience in Congress and congressional operations.
  • Advocacy Blueprints consultants have decades of combined experience in congressional operations and congressional relationship-building.
  • Advocacy Blueprints provides standardized and custom training designed to meet a wide variety of leadership competencies and congressional needs.

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